H&M : Burgundy Sneakers

A couple of weeks ago I ordered some sneakers from H&M. I usually just wear vans but I wanted to try something new and buy some more suitable shoes for the autumn weather.

I quite liked the vans and Nike high top burgundy shoes, which I saw Zoe Sugg wearing in some of her YouTube videos.

However, when I looked for these shoes they were way too expensive for me. So I went looking for something cheaper that looked similar, and I came across some canvas/high top type shoes in H&M which were £12.99.


I really liked the burgundy colour because that colour is very in at the moment, as it goes with pretty much anything and it's a great colour for autumn/fall.

They are 100% cotton which means that they are very soft and durable and also they fit to the foot nicely, and they have just the right thickness to keep your feet warm in the autumn/fall. 

They also have an elasticated bit around the ankle which makes the shoes even more comfortable to wear and it moulds completely around your ankle and supports it. 

I think they are the perfect shoes if you want something that looks similar to the more expensive and bigger brand shoes, but at a more reasonable and affordable price. I definitely recommend them!!!

You can also get them in black, grey and white, but I recommend the burgundy ones if you want to have more of an autumnal feel to your look.  

These are the more expensive ones: 



  1. Stacey27 October 2013 at 13:56

    I love these, great colour for autumn too! There's always a bargain to be had in H&M :) Lovely blog, I'm now following you- mine is www.beautiful-solutions.co.uk if you fancy a peek :) xx


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