What's in my make up bag?! : MaxFactor Wild Mega Volume Mascara

Max Factor | Wild Mega Volume Mascara
I purchased this at the beginning of August 2013 and I've not put it down. It is definitely the best mascara I have ever had. I got mine out of Boots, which is a high street drug store, similar to somewhere like Walmart in the USA. 

It is £6.99 for 11 ml (£6.35 per 10 ml), which is relatively cheap considering it is a very good mascara. The other reason I like this mascara is that it doesn't clump up your eyelashes, because it is very thin. However, one negative thing about it is, it isn't very waterproof, but not all mascaras are, I think that if you want a waterproof one then you pay that little bit extra for it. 

You can get it in two shades; Black and Black/Brown. I use the black shade which gives my lashes a darker, smokier effect, but if you want a more natural look then I suggest that you use the black/brown shade.  It gives your lashes up to 3x more volume and the brush amplifies the inner and outer corner lashes. It also sweeps the lashes up and out to give a wide-eyed look. It's a nice natural subtle look, so its good for day time and night time looks. 

Considering autumn is coming up, the main thing make up wise is mascara. This time of year your summer tan is fading and the Halloween, Christmas and new years parties are ahead of us, and you want to make a big statement with your eyes... and this mascara does the job. GO AND BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!  


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